Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bragging On Diva!

I am so stinkin proud of my Diva!!!

I was talking with our teacher-advisor today. One of the issues we've run into is that Diva is really advanced in her language arts, math, and science. In fact, the science curric that I'm planning to use for her next year is a grade 9 level, so I asked if she could earn high school credit for it...and we got talking further, and since Diva is reading highschool level material, perhaps she should start doing grade 9 english as well?

Long story short, it looks like my girl, who should be starting grade 6, will be starting to earn high school credits next September! Our t/a is talking to the t/a that works with other families in our situation and helps to tailor a program for advanced students and enable them to earn high school credits as they can, rather than doing the material without receiving the credit! I'm so excited for her!