Friday, September 4, 2009

Bragging On Tazzie

I bought the beginner level Bob books last night.

This am, he read THREE of them to me!

Woooo hooooo Tazzie!!!

The really funny thing is, Tazzie has been reading here and there for over a year. He won't, however, do it on command He does stuff like know the difference between Ceasar and ranch dressing because he can read the word 'cheese' on the ranch...but wouldn't do it if asked to.

I *think* I figured out why last night. I had said something about him being able to read his own books, and he was unhappy and said he didn't want to. The light finally dawned. He thought if he read, I wouldn't read him bedtime stories anymore, that he'd have to do it all on his own. I reassured him that Mommy would always read him bedtime stories, and when he was reading, we could take turns if he wanted, and move on to bigger and better stories like his big sister, and that he could read whenever he wanted to during the day.

And suddenly today, he's reading the Bob books. Awesome!

For those that don't know what Bob books are, look here.

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  1. Tazzie's story sounds quite familiar. My dd (age 5ish at the time) also did not want to read because she thought I wouldn't read to her anymore. She is a read-aloud book fiend, and that would have been torture. Once I assured her that I would continue to read to her even if she could read, she loosened up and started trying! Have fun!